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Unlock your deposit and put those savings to better use.

If you've got savings locked up in an existing deposit and want them back, Patch can help by swapping your existing deposit for a monthly subscription.

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Cost calculator

How it Works

Getting your deposit refunded is easy

We don't like jumping through hoops anymore than you do so we made a Patch Deposit super simple to set up.

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sign up

Sign up

It takes less than 3 minutes.

Step 2
Get your pricing upfront

Get your pricing upfront

You'll know all the costs before you request your deposit.

Step 3
We refund your deposit

We refund your deposit

Patch sends your deposit back your bank account.

Join Patch

Applying doesn't affect your credit score.

Patch works with any property, anywhere

Patch works with every single deposit protected by a government-backed deposit scheme. There are over £4 billion of deposits in the UK available to be unlocked. When you unlock an existing deposit your money doesn't actually leave the Deposit Scheme it's protected in.

To your landlord it's business as usual so there's no need for them to do anything or to be signed up to Patch.

You can unlock your deposit at any time

Life is full of unexpected surprises. Some good, some not so good. You might not need to unlock your deposit right now, but it's good to know you can.

With Patch Deposit, you're still protected by the official deposit schemes when you move out

Friends in official places

Patch is working with the government-backed tenancy deposit schemes to help improve the renting experience for both tenants and landlords.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rent Tracking?

Rent Tracking is a new way of boosting your credit score. We track your rent payments to your landlord or agent. If you pay on time, we report this to the credit reference agency Experian and they add this information to your credit report...

How much does Rent Tracking cost?

Our Rent Tracking service is free to use.

How does Rent Tracking work?

It's very easy.

  • Sign up to Patch
  • Connect your bank account
  • Pay your rent
  • Patch reports your rent payments to Experian
  • Your credit score increases

How does Rent Tracking improve my credit score?

Your credit score improves each time a new, positive record is added to your credit report such as making a payment on time. Your rent is a now qualifying payment.

How do I see what you've tracked?

You'll start receiving the benefit of Rent Tracking as soon as you sign up. You won't actually be able to view the information in your Experian credit report until around three months after signing up...

What if I change property?

Not a problem. It's easy to continue Rent Tracking. Log into your Patch account after you make your last rent payment to your old property and let us know about your new place...

What is a Patch Deposit?

Patch will pay the security deposit on your new home, or send your current deposit back to you, in return for a small monthly subscription.

Will my landlord or agent accept a Patch Deposit?

Yes. We send your landlord or agent a traditional cash deposit. To your landlord, it's the same as if you'd sent the deposit yourself so there's no need to tell your landlord or agent that you're using Patch.

How does a Patch Deposit work?

It's simple...

  • Create a free Patch account
  • We let you know upfront exactly how much your monthly subscription will be
  • You tell us when and where to pay your deposit
  • We send your deposit, in cash, directly to your landlord or agent

What if I haven't found my new place yet?

No worries. Your deposit can be preapproved for up to 30 days.

What do I need to do to be eligible for a Patch Deposit?

To apply for a Patch Deposit you need to be a UK resident employed with a regular income, hold a UK bank account and be 21 years old or over...

What does a Patch Deposit cost?

We charge a monthly subscription payment based on your deposit size and overall credit profile...

Can I use Patch if I've already sent my deposit to my landlord?

Yes. If you've got savings locked up in an existing deposit and need them back for an unexpected expense Patch can help.

Will Patch work with my property?

Because we send a cash deposit directly to your landlord or agent, Patch works with any deposit, on any property, anywhere in the UK.

What's the maximum amount I can unlock?

We can unlock any deposit from £300 to £4,000. The maximum we can offer you within this range depends on your personal details.

What does a Patch Deposit cost?

We charge a monthly subscription payment based on your deposit size and overall credit profile...

I've got housemates. Can I still get a Patch Deposit?

Yes. As long as you pay your individual share of the deposit directly to your landlord or agent, you can apply for a Patch Deposit.

How long is a Patch Deposit for?

Your Patch Deposit remains valid for 12 months or until your tenancy ends, if earlier...

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